MXP230 Elite CF issues

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MXP230 Elite CF issues

Postby cphillips82 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:12 pm

Hi everyone,

I just want to speak about my issues with the MXP230 elite carbon fiber model.

I'm not new to quads however new to mini quads. (have a QAV500 Ardupilot 1.3G vid, 433 tel , OSD etc)

After the review on the MXP230 non CF I decided that due to the ability to change the angle of the the camera I decided to purchase this CF elite frame.

I purchased the Elite model because I'm that kind of person who is never satisfied if there is something better being offered.. (exempt hardware because im an idiot.motors!!!!..)

Running a cc3d FC, afro 12A esc, full FPV gear and BM2300 -2304 from himodel.

Tuning is making no sense and had to do a virtual -90 degree board re-position to make a flyable machine(not sure why that worked but it did and I realize motor vibration could be to blame as the FC is screwed to the frame with no foam).

One motor resonates really badly and visibly shakes at a resonant frequency which is quite low and under hover level however I put this down to bad motor bearings.

I purchased multistar elites which I would say are near perfect motors, balanced the props on my dubro prop balanacer (too light to even move so no balance required).

I realized this is not one motors issue but an issue with the CF arm

The CF arms have a resonant frequency where they visibly shake!!!

I have payed the dollars so whats going on here, And if you think these arms may have delaminated then NO, they have not... they ALL have the same weak twist.... and low hours...

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