Homemade Work Stands

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Homemade Work Stands

Postby Treebuster » Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:48 am

Finally got tired of trying to finish my models directly on the workbench.
These two stands will make it a easier to work on your models. Made them from scrap
lumber I had laying around in about an hour. When set on your workbench they bring the model up higher for easier access, especially when installing servos, landing gear, etc. and are very stable.

Required to make 2 stands:
Cut to size:

4 pcs 2x4 - 16”
4 pcs 2x4 - 5”
2 pcs 12” x 12” ½ in plywood or particle board for base.
Scrap foam or carpet
Approx 30 wood deck screws
The Total height will be 16 - ½ “

Top of the 5” crosspiece is installed 12” from bottom of base. Uprights are centered on base. Screw holes are all predrilled. I hot glued epp foam to protect fuselage. Also put one lag screw in end of each to use to when balancing model with wing on.
They work great for all my foam and 60 sized gas models.

These stands will bring your model up 12 ½” from your workbench and should leave plenty of room to keep rudder off workbench when working on bottom of fuselage. Heres some pictures if you want to build.
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stand 003.jpg
stand 003.jpg (135.52 KiB) Viewed 4648 times
stand 004.jpg
stand 004.jpg (139.91 KiB) Viewed 4648 times
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