ASP 160 AR Twin - Problems

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ASP 160 AR Twin - Problems

Postby kjel-man » Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:00 pm

My brand new ASP 160 AR Twin just bought from HobbyKing in Hong Kong.The engine has low compression on one cylinder. That cylinder is also running leaner than the other, and that gets it warmer.

Does it make sense that when one cylinder is lean because it has lower compression?

I have been doing a test of the exhaust valve, and it is tight. When I suck in the exhaust pipe and seal it with my tongue, it holds the vacuum. I've also put some "after run oil" into the cylinder to seal around the piston. It did not lead to significant better compression. Then all points in the direction of the intake valve. To test it I have to disassemble the carburetor.

This problem also makes it difficult to adjust the engine to go properly on idle. If the cylinder with a lean mixture is fine at idle, the other will have to rich mixture, and will therefore stop. If the “rich” cylinder has the right mix, the "lean" cylinder stops. Therefore, I have to do something .

Have somebody any experience with this engine?

Some people say that it may take a long time to get this engine replaced with a new one if I send it back to HobbyKing. So the question is if I should repair it myself or send it back.

If I can get spare parts for the engine, I think that I will try to repair rather than sending it back and get a new one.

I have trouble finding out where I get spare parts for this engine. I have tried but it does not seem that they have spare parts for this particular engine.

Do some of you out there have any suggestions for where I get parts, preferably here in Europe, but not necessarily?
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