magnum XL30RFS owners

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magnum XL30RFS owners

Postby jeffie8696 » Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:48 am

Had to share.
I just obtained a nice Magnum 30 Four Stroke . I had tested this engine previously and found it performed like some of the poor tests from other users. It would not idle below 3000 rpm.
During this test I filled the tank and went to attach the line to the carb when it sprayed fuel all over me!! Turns out the pressure nipple was somehow plugged. I suspect the aluminum from the muffler was blocking it as I was unable to blow out the obstruction but pushed through with a wire. (whatever it was disappeared on my shop floor somewhere)
Now I also changed the plug for this test to a Merlin 2010, it is a very hot plug and has given me great results when I had engines that would load up at idle.
Result, it will now idle at 2500 on just 15% SIG fuel. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! It runs just as well as my XL52RFS, just a little less powerful . :)
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