How to define/detect/avoid overheating

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How to define/detect/avoid overheating

Postby hou_zhenyu » Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:27 am


I have a second hand OS MAX 55AX, want to use it on a 50 sized plane. I heard that 55AX tends to overheating. However, people are vague while talking about when it will be overheading and how to know the engine is overheating. Question is:
1. How do i know an engine is overheating? Use a themometer? What's the threshold degree? Is it different for different engiens?
2. If an engine already run overheaded, is there any "visual" sign?
3. How to avoid overheading? Besides good cooling, is the propeller used important here?

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Re: How to define/detect/avoid overheating

Postby Flyinbrian » Wed May 04, 2011 10:40 am

An engine which is overheating will start to sound "hard" and will slow down. If this happens in flight shut the throttle to about 1/3 and land. I am not aware of any particular overheating issues with the 55AX, just set it up a little on the rich side for the first few flights. (tweak the main needle till you have full revs then richen 5 -6 clicks) If the engine seems happy then lean it a couple of clicks and check how it runs with the nose pointed up by 45 degrees in the air.

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