Bixler versus AXN

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Re: Bixler versus AXN

Postby adeptrc » Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:01 am

I haven't ever flown or built a Bixler, but took the AXN I'd ordered up for her maiden flight earlier today in light rain and 30+ km/hr winds gusting to 40 km/hr . . . wow . . . it makes everything else I normally fly seem like a powered brick . . . can't say I was able to finesse the trim in the gusts, but I have all the control surfaces on max throw - and left A&E dual rates at 100% and just had expo at 75% for low and 40% high . . . found I never needed to switch to the high rates though (I'm sure that will change when I start playing with more than loops and stall turns) . . . I'd mixed in 5% rudder with aileron . . . but I think I'll probably ditch that . . .

I found I had to keep adding down trim . . . every time I thought I'd trimmed for level as soon as I turned back into the wind after a downwind leg and started reducing power it was up and away . . . I found its so sleek you get all the altitude you trade away back in speed - I think my esc brake is on as the prop wasn't windmilling - but even coming in hot it behaves nicely from 10-15ft all the way down to the flare.

It seems so light that no matter how much airspeed you've bled off (heck, even during a flare) you can add a little bit of power and go around without feeling you're going to drop a wing . . .

I quit after 15 mins as I was getting worried about how wet my transmitter was . . . but I think Bruce and many others are right . . . its just an all round fun craft to fly . . . sleek, fast, agile . . . simple, and pretty robust . . .
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Re: Bixler versus AXN

Postby BGR » Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:55 am

I have not flown the Bixler either but have seen plenty of them fly. In my opinion both planes have their strengths. The Bixler is more like a EZ Star, it has more room in the fuelage and a wider fatter wing for gliding. The AXN is a bit more cramped but the trade off is that the fuselage is sleeker and with its slightly thinner and narrower wings it flies faster and penetrates wind a little better. I own a AXN but would not hesitate to get a Bixler too.
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Re: Bixler versus AXN

Postby bmsweb » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:31 pm

I don't have the AXN but like the way it flies no two ways about it. Only reason I went for the Bixler was the fact that I needed the Room for all the FPV gear plus GoPro. My setup is working great touch wood, but I really wish I had a little more room even in the Bixler!
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