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HK EPP FPV Landing gear mods etc. in Sketchup

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:09 am
by philbx1
Hi all,

I've done SFA as far as getting my first FPV plane (of any at all) together
and the reason is that I would like to add some extra bits before I smash it into more bits.

One main thing is landing gear, and a fine person on Youtube has explained how to do this mod
in great detail which I'm looking at doing.

Also I'm not so sure I want the tail servos mounted near the front, and the flimsy servo mounts supplied
may be OK, but I need something not so permanent (ie. glued).

Anyway, thought I'd procrastinate as it's winter here and instead play with Google Sketchup.

Here's some bits for you Sketchup experts. I'm new to this, and although Sketchup is a real pain
thought I'd give it a go and upload some 'drawings'.

Not that great (nor accurate), but maybe usable for something...

My Sketchup URL