New large EPO Warbirds by FMS:P51, P47, Spitfire, P40, BF109

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Re: New large EPO Warbirds by FMS:P51, P47, Spitfire, P40, B

Postby JBC » Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:02 pm

Well I just bought and Built the Spitfire Kit so I guess I'd have to say KIT and put in my own electrics....but that's me :D FMS have done alot of work and impovements since I bought my V2 Mustang(they're now upto a V5). They're addressed alot of the issues with he early birds and now for a ARF they're quite good. I've never been a fan of stock radios or electrics which is why I prefer kits however FMS have done a pretty good job. All you need to do on these new birds is install a separate BEC(again my own opinion) and check your ESC is capable of handling the amp draw and then simply go flying. The rest of their electrics seems to be getting ok reports from the guys on the threads :) They now even come with electric retracts :o Personally if you're ok at building planes, I'd say to get the kit and buy your electrics from Hobbyking. The kit comes with electric retracts so you just need motor, esc, servos etc and this way allows you to put a beefier motor if you want :D

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