ARF F-16 EDF (Hobby King)

If you didn't have to build it then you can talk about it here.

ARF F-16 EDF (Hobby King)

Postby tommy » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:11 pm

Hi Xjet, Just wanted to make a comment about the ARF F-16 EDF you ordered from Hobby King.
Now I don't mean to be critical and I think you have done a fantastic job with your site.
I have got great information from here.

Getting back to the topic if you want to get a realistic view about the way Hobby King approach problems,
I don't think you should post it on your site until the process is complete. Perhaps even use another name.
If Hobby King realise who you are or that you are reviewing their processes they may give you more
attention than the average user.

Anyhow just my thoughts. I believe your reviews are factual and unbiased. Just wanted to put my opinion
You have a great site here.
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