Dynam Meteor EDF Discontinued...

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Dynam Meteor EDF Discontinued...

Postby DejaD » Sat Oct 01, 2011 12:32 pm

A friend I fly with bought a Dynam Meteor EDF from Nitro Planes after seeing a Habu that was flying at our field. It was $200 cheaper than the Habu at just $99 and it took a minute or two to see the differences in the design. The wing were rouned on the outer leading edge verses the more angular Habu wingtips. The Meteor's tail was just a bit shorter than the Habu also. The Meteor is white and the Habu is gray in color. But other than that they were virtually identical. Now, it seems that the Meteor has been discontinued...Maybe the designs were just a bit too similar for Parkzone's liking? I believe that is exactly the case. NP is still selling some replacement parts (tail, gear, motor, fan), but you can't buy the complete plane or even the fuselage or the wings. Looks like Dynam will have to design their own planes now...
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