FW-19 Ente

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FW-19 Ente

Postby quarry44 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:32 am

I'm somewhat of a sucker for "unusual'" aircraft.While snuffling through flea-bay,as you do,I came across a copy of the plans for a 68"' span version for 2 x.15ci two-strokes.There are a couple of pics on the net of the original model by Bob Poulson.
Such small 2strokers are notoriously unreliable,so with the current state of affairs,an electric version sprung to mind.
Hence the plan was bought,arrived in only 8 days from Canada,and planning got under way.I'll be using 40mm bell motors and 50A esc's,powered by a 3000 mah 3cell lipo.I may have to put two packs in parallel,depending on the current draw.
The plan doesn't provide any AUW,so my best guesstimate is 5-6lb(2.5-3kg).I'm going to use foamboard where possible,with a bit of balsa and ply in critical area's.
Here's a vid on tube:
Georg Wulf was killed when the 1st example crashed.Another was built with some modifications,and this plane went on a sales tour through europe and england in the early 30's.Presumably there were no buyers,as that remained the sole example flying.It was given to a museum,where it was destroyed in a bombing raid during ww2.
I also found someone built a 30" version ,so I'll be reading through that to get me some pointers.
There was also a small plastic kit sold sometime in the past,which appears to be 1/72nd scale,possibly from a Japanese manufacturer.
I've cut the spars(and my finger),and made the ribs out of 5 mm foamboard.Once my finger has healed ,I'll be back into it :mrgreen:
Bruce,I know this may not be in the right place,but there is no specific area for scratchbuilt planes,so i stuck it here.Hope that's ok.
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