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polaris foamy

PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:22 am
by quarry44
Surfing around,as you do,I came across this little beauty on rcg: ... ,s:0,i:134

Has anyone built one of these?I built the full size Northstar that it's based on years ago,and that flew great.I'm hoping this one will have a similar flying character,although,it will of course be much faster than the Northstar.
My usual sheets of foamboard are just a smidgeon too small,so a mate suggested i try Goldfoam.
This comes in 8'x4' sheets,but the thinnest is a nominal 10mm.It looks to be a grade of polystyrene,and is lighter than the foamboard.
I've started with the wing,leaving the ailerons part of the sheet until I'm ready to hinge them.
I've fitted a 6x1 mm flat carbon strip as a rear spar,as I don't have any tube.The diagonal front spars are supposed to be 1/32 ply,but have you seen the price of that stuff?Instead,I used 3mm cedar spars,cut down from the slats of an old wooden blind.My mate is using 2 of these back to back as his main spar.
He's fitted balsa leading edges to his wing,but I'm holding off until I see how strong mine is with the cedar spars.If it's ok,I will tape the LE.If not,balsa le's it will be.
^(^(%$&$#.Camera batteries flat!Will post some progress pics tomorrow.

Re: polaris foamy

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:37 am
by quarry44
Hmmm,forgot to put the photos in.Here they are: ... z/polaris/
Polaris now flown,and crashed:(.Operator error(disorientation).