Need help what plane to get as a starter?!

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Need help what plane to get as a starter?!

Postby seedo » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:36 am

Need help what plane to get as a starter?!
i will help.

few things you have to know before getting your first plain:
- do not get a jet as a first plane.
- do not get small planes.
- do not get too big planes.
- do not get heavy planes.
- do not get expensive planes.
- do not get very light plane.
- do not think about retracts, light systems, decorations, accessories, flaps.

WTH!!!!!!!!!! then what i will get?
There is a lot of choices for beginners to buy planes in good price & really for beginners to start with.

you see in many review is youtube or other stores saying
THIS JET IS GREAT FOR BEGINNERS WOW!!!!! well they are laying

your first plane should be responsive, not too fast, floaty, most important cheap.
and you need to get something P&P "plug and play" though most of P&P planes electronics are rubbish but in you still can find good ones.

the only thing you have to prepare for is read a little about the mechanism of RC planes, electronics, what the electronics are for, just general knowledge, the most important things you have to know are these:
- transmitter
- receiver
- motor & KVs
- ESC & Amps
- servo & sizes
- battery & capacity "mAh" & voltage
try to know a little about these things to understand whats going on with the plain and how its working.
so lets see what we need to start flying!

1. Transmitter and receiver:
start with 4 channel transmitter and it will have with it a receiver, you can buy this one:
its a cheap system and perfect for a starter no need for complications now.

2.The PLAINE!!!!!!!!
remember we dont need it too small or too big and most important the wing spam length should be about 1000mm and its better to be high wing plain "the wing on top of the plane"
here is some planes you can get:

See!!!! a lot of choices you have, you notice most of them are high wing planes which is perfect for starters, all you need for these planes its just a battery and a transmitter and receiver, also try to focus when you flaying on simple and basic movements dont rush to maneuvers right away.
I Strongly recommend getting a Simulator, though i know its a little expensive but try to search for the good thing that suits you.


Hope this is Helpful and do not hesitate to ask me anything.

thanks to Jpparisy he remind me to must not niglect this:

"charger is needed, with its adapted power supply.
A good charger costs more than a plane, but this is an investment, and it must not be neglected."

though i recommend this charger for a starter:
this was my first charger and i still have it very cheap and good quality.

do not forget to keep it simple and cheap.
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