Spooks in the motor?

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Spooks in the motor?

Postby kiwideno » Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:03 am

Hi Guys I'm building a B17g sold by HK(not there one), I've go to the stage were I'm running the motors up and checking the retracts, flaps , ailerons. At first the rx binded and I had Motors,wheels,ailerons no flaps, I use a DX7s so I played with some setting losing other things in the process. I reset the selected plane in the transmitter using the reset button and have all the four now working...But the engines now start themselves.. nothing happens then they run for a second and stop and this repeats with out touching anything

2200mah 3cell
rx orange hobbyking speckum
esc are supplied in the plane

Do I have gremlins?
Should I stick to single engine planes?
Will the aliens bring Elvis back?
Does Donald Trump have a hair peace?

This plane is the worst model for parts missing , not glued, wrong connectors and the most expensive one..a lot of bad or lazy manufacturing.

Hopefully my HK B17 that I have also have builds better, anyways as all ways any help is warmly received.

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