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XJET Coroflute BiPlane Help

PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:59 am
by edwaurdorapido
I have been following XJet's Coroflute BiPlane videos and have finished video 2. I have all the steps done up to this point, but would like to proceed. Has anyone built this model before? I am thinking electric because of the speed of a nitro. This plane will be my first attempt at flying. My questions are wing placement for the bottom wing and what would any of you reccommend for electric power for this plane.

Re: XJET Coroflute BiPlane Help

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:42 am
by ergocentric
coroflute (we call is coroplast) is quite heavy compared to foam, this plane will need to fly faster than foam and a biplane is a poor choice for a trainer, sorry

There are a few trainer designs in coroplast at