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NOISE factor with larger engines, is there a solution?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:52 pm
by jomac
Hi guys,
I building a UAV, i know its not a heli as such, but its nearer a heli then a plane.. ;)

Its quite large, and uses a 20cc engine, a lot similar to a brush cutter or strimmer with a similar attached exhaust. The engine is a 20cc Xenoah which in various forms was also used in RC models.

Now a lot of my testing is done in my back garden, and im surrounded by apartments and im worried about the general noise if i decide to play for half an hour or so. I suspect that the integral silencer or muffler was built more for power then noise suppression. Can anybody tell me if there is a better system i can either make (preferably) or a ready made unit that could be modified to fit without too much performance loss?

Any comments would be very welcome.