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6 channel walkera radio

PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:37 pm
by engineersupreme
Hi guys , Can anyone tell me if i can use an old walkera 6 channel fm tx via the plug on the back on my computer for flight simulator use? I have a spare one that I got a few years ago and want to put it to use
I have downloaded the clearview simulator to try out and am waiting for what will be my 2.4 transmitter for my new HK450 and leads from Hobbyking

I have a buddy lead but it doesnt have a usb connector on it, so I will order one.

Also have just opened up the box of old bits bought sight unseen from trademe over the years in preperation for the hobbyand have found 4 of the tx's and various recievers and crystals, so wont have to buy anything new for the basic 450 ones when learning.

Re: 6 channel walkera radio

PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:52 pm
by Fulg
Which model is it? I have a WK2401 here and it won't work with a flight simulator. I can get it to "talk" with a PC but the signal is unreliable at best.

I recommend using the same radio for your simulator and your flying, it'll help with the "muscle memory" (when you need to fiddle switches in flight without looking). If you're not prepared to spend money for a TX just yet, you could get the simple 6-channel HK transmitter (about $29 USD), which works great with the generic USB leads everyone sells.

If you're serious about the hobby, take the time to select a decent radio, and don't be afraid to pay a little extra for it (don't just go with the cheap stuff). You'll have it for a long time, and it can grow with you :) Personally I recommend the Futaba 7C (which I use), it's not too expensive and it's a great radio for starting up with helis. You can easily last several years before needing something better...

Re: 6 channel walkera radio

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:47 am
by engineersupreme
Thanks, was just trying to use what i had on hand. have a HK unit coming just for playing about and will get my DX6i in the next two weeks once the rest of the 500 electronics arrive and are fitted.
I travel overseas and do not want to take an expensive tranny with me in case of loss or damage so for the simulator that will travel on my laptop and mem stick I will keep take the HK one