New TX Recomendation

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New TX Recomendation

Postby RCFlyingKiwi » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:04 am

I have been using a DX7 almost since it was announced. No problems at all. Recently I replaced a power system that had done about 70 hrs in the air with only few new bearings and a new shaft but basically the setup owed me nothing. I replaced it with an eMax 2810 (5mm shaft) and a 40/50A eMax ESC with a UBEC (switched) and have started to have problems. My old DX7 also owes me nothing so I thought a new radio might be a good start. I have a heap of 6 channel Orange receivers (2 with slaves), an AR6100e, and an AR7000 (with slave).

The big question now, which radio ? I'm basically a fixed wing sport/park flyer. 7-9 channels are fine, $s are not much of an issue for the TX but 8-10 RXs would break the bank if I went DSM2 or DMSS exclusively. Get the picture ?

So feel free to jump in and tell me which way to go, currently I favoring JR (like 9503 or something). SD card is almost a prerequ. I value a quality build and I hate to crash if my thumbs are not at fault.

OK, go for it, let hear the good oil !!!
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Re: New TX Recomendation

Postby RCModelReviews » Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:39 pm

If an SD card is a prerequisite then you're stuck with the newer JR (X series), Spektrum or Futaba.

Hitec doesn't have an SD, nor does the Turnigy/FlySky.

You've identified one very important aspect though -- and that's the cost of receivers being a *major* factor if you've got multiple aircraft.

You could convert your DX7 to FrSky -- I did that for a guy in our club and he's very happy with the results -- but still no SD card.

If you go the 9X way (with ER9X software) then you'll be able to use the standard 2.4GHz system ($9 receivers but no failsafe) or the FrSky system ($20 receivers with diversity and failsafe). You're still stuck with only 16 model memories (8 with the standard firmware), no sliders and no DS card though., just the facts.
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Re: New TX Recomendation

Postby pldb64 » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:44 am

It seems to me that you're after two main criteria:
1. backward compatibility in order to limit the overal cost
2. future flexibility.

If that is the case, then using a 9x box that is set up for DSM2/DSMX compatibility as well as having the option of FrSky DJR Tx module seems to answer both of those requirements.

Couple that with the ER9X FW and you've got a package that gives you plenty to work with. The EEPE S/W that comes with ER9X means the need for an SD card is substantially mitigated (IMHO). I can't envisage flying more than 16 models in a single session! But then again, i only have one model (so far) ... so what would i know :-)

Finally - the ERSKY9x replacement mainboard (currently in beta test phase) or the Gruvin alternative give the 9X a future in terms of additional features/capabilities that appears only limited by your imagination.

Personally i see no rationale in spending 5x what i need to for the above setup and get a name brand Tx/Rx package. I'd rather spend that money on other things!
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