JR11X Range Test

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JR11X Range Test

Postby Rob2160 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:15 pm

Hi Bruce,

Not sure if your 11X review is still forthcoming but I thought I'd add my 0.02 cents worth..

I walk range test every new TX / RX or combo.. and any new installation in a Heli or Fixed wing..

Futaba FASST, Spektrum DSM2 / DSMX and JR DSMX all get well over 2000 meters clear line of sight (I don't bother checking further than this...)

The reason for my range tests are not to test 2.4Ghz, but simply to test a new TX / RX are actually not faulty out of the box before I fly with them...

(I picked up a faulty Spek RX this way and binned it without ever using it, thereby preventing a possible loss of a Helicopter)

But I digress..

Anyway, I also have a "Short version" of my range test, where I place the TX in my sunken loungeroom and walk around a large oval outside our house.

At the far extreme of the oval I am approximately 500 meters from the TX which is behind 3 brick walls and about 30 trees..

My Futaba FASST does not have reception at this point.. Neither does my Spektrum DX6i / DX8 with AR6200 and AR8000 combos...

The JR11X on the other hand has GREAT reception at that point with an AR8000 and also with an E-Flite Ultra Micro Beast.

These three videos confirm it..

Vid 1 - when I first bought the radio.. -


Vid 2. Tonight with the UMX Beast (I only did another range test because I had opened the TX to adjust the spring tension on the sticks)


Vid 3 Tonight Part 2.

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Re: JR11X Range Test

Postby Beaudene » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:04 am

Is it possible to use JR11x with a long range UHF system like Chainlink or Dragonlink
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