Turnigy 9x - problem with programme mixer / mixing

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Turnigy 9x - problem with programme mixer / mixing

Postby JensR » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:49 pm

Dear all,

I faintly remember that this was mentioned somewhere, but cannot find it. Please accept my apologies if it indeed is a known problem; I would then welcome pointers/links very much.

I run a Turnigy 9x with custom joysticks to control a model earthmover. I can reconfigure the channels, if that helps the issue.

What I want to do is maybe best explained with a track drive like in a tank or bulldozer.
I have one speed controller for each of the two tracks.
Now I want one stick do make the machine go forward (both tracks turn identically) and the other to rotate the machine (both tracks go in opposite directions).
I have the two controllers on channels 1 and 2 (AIL and ELE).
Easy enough, I used the ELEVON mixer in the menu, and it works.
However, for reasons that would be too long-winded to explore here, I want to be able to switch off the mixer.

So I use "program mixer".
I set up two mixers.
I put both on switch ID1.
It does not work.
First mixer works: First stick moves both tracks properly
Second mixer does not work: Second stick moves second track

I then put MIX1 on ID1 and MIX2 on ID2 and with the switch in "1" position, MIX1 works and with the switch in "2" position, MIX2 works. So I am sure that I programmed the mixers correctly.
Is this a bug?
I removed the EXPO from both channels, because I feared it might interfere, but it didn't do anything.

If you can explain what I did wrong or recommend a workaround (using different channels?), I'd be very happy. However, I would rather not install a custom firmware at this point.

Best wishes
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