FRSky Telemetry system

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FRSky Telemetry system

Postby crash » Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:09 am

Hello Bruce and others. I am in possession of the new DHT-U display module and the sensor hub and associated sensors.

The question is how the heck do I connect this up? I have the Telemetry plug in tx module for my JR 9x2. I don't believe I can connect the display to the module as the 5+V is not enough to drive the display. it needs 6v+ to function.

So my request is for diagram or picture on how to hook this up. I don't want to fry any of my components.

The side ports on the Telemetry RX are they used in this i conjunction with the Sensor hub? Do I need to hook any other wires from the hub to the Rx and where on the RX do I plug. e.g. the data plug?

Your thoughts and views.

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