Art-Tech (E-Fly) ETC62-2.4GHz 6 channel system

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Art-Tech (E-Fly) ETC62-2.4GHz 6 channel system

Postby Gordks » Mon May 31, 2010 8:49 pm

Just a note on the Art-Tech ETC62-2.4GHz 6 channel system. At first, it seemed like a perfectly functional system for a beginner. And it was quite inexpensive. The Tx, Rx, three micro servos and charger all for about $110 US. The Rx says it is DSSS and they also mention frequency hopping in the manual. Digital trim, 12 model memory. The manual states that the range is equal to or greater than 350m but I saw a post that said it was really 800m on the ground and 1200m in the air. That was on the Art-Tech site though so I don't know if I believe it.

Now for the problems. There was a stick-on aluminum sheet on the bottom portion of the transmitter on which are printed all the labels for the buttons and the Art-Tech logo and such. It had rolled up from one corner and would not stick if pressed back into place. Also the whole transmitter would just shut down as soon as the battery voltage got down to about 10 volts. I got a replacement of the whole package. I tested the replacement and everything seemed to work fine. Later I discovered that there were dead spots at the top of the throttle and elevator pots. That was something I could fix so I ignored that. Eventually I put the receiver into a plane and set up all the control surfaces and was satisfied it was time to go try it out. I thought at the last moment to see just how well it worked at more than just a couple of feet. Not very well! At about twenty feet everything glitched, and control was lost altogether if I turned around so that I was between the transmitter and the receiver. At about 25 feet I had no control even when I faced the plane. Also I could not see anywhere where I could get additional receivers. The shop I got it from lists the receiver, but it has been on back order from Art-Tech for months. I emailed Art-Tech regarding the receivers three times asking if they will ever be available again (nicely though). I never received any response. Needless to say I have returned the whole package for a refund - minus a restocking fee. I hope no one else is unfortunate enough to get that same one.

My new 2.4GHz Optic 6 with two 7 channel receivers should be here tomorrow (actually it just arrived minutes ago). I will immediately fill out the coupon found in FlyRC and send it in to Hitec for the free 6 channel receiver. That will be a far better transmitter and three receivers for about twice what the E-Fly cost. And I have noticed that the Eclipse 7 is still available for only about $135, without a module. Another Spectra 2.4 module with a 6 channel receiver can be had for a pretty good price. That would give me four receivers and two transmitters for not all that much more than the cost of an Aurora 9 and one receiver. It would also allow me to use all seven channels in those two receivers. And I do like the idea of extras just in case something quits.

I may have just been unlucky, but I won't be buying anything Art-Tech ever again.

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Re: Art-Tech (E-Fly) ETC62-2.4GHz 6 channel system

Postby RCModelReviews » Mon May 31, 2010 9:37 pm

Thanks for the info., just the facts.
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