Turnigy 9x or older Futaba with Frsky ??

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Re: Turnigy 9x or older Futaba with Frsky ??

Postby ergocentric » Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:16 pm

quarry44 wrote:I've downloaded the manual for the 7c,but haven't really delved into it too deeply.But if you have 2 elevator servo's,wouldn't they be plugged into the same channel via y-lead?Then doesn't the sub trim work on both?.Or are you referring to an elevon type setup?

Typically if you have two elevator servos they have to travel opposite directions, as they are typically mounted on opposite sides of the fuselage, see Funtana100
if they are not perfectly synced they can induce snap rolls, 7c is programmable for this but there is no trim available on the slave servo. 9c does it though.
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