Devention Devo6 Review

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Devention Devo6 Review

Postby Toumal » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:37 pm

Hey folks,

I've recently gotten hold of a shiny new Devention Devo6 transmitter! And, not content with the reviews out there repeating the same old stuff (Yes it's small, yes it has a color touchscreen, thank you for noticing...), I wrote a more detailed review that covers not just the exterior but also menu structure, operation, and what 2.4GHz transmission mode they used in the Devo6.

Image Image
Image Image

The small size, attractive looks and functional software make it hard to point out flaws here. We would’ve liked to have a bit snappier responses, the stylus comes out really hard, the startup/shutdown melody gets old and cannot be shut off – unlike the keypress-buzzer thankfully. Alternative color schemes would’ve been nice, a feature that can be found on the big brother, the Devo12. The color screen is nice indoors, but can be hard to see outdoors. There is something to be said for the high daylight contrast of old B/W LCDs, but then again, this is primarily an indoor transmitter. It’s a bummer that the Devention RX801 receiver does not work with this model, only the RX601 will bind. Don’t expect to fly big planes in excess of 200 meters. It also understandably lacks a special glider program, this is airplane and helicopter only.

The Devo6 is a very attractive 6-channel radio in the sub-200 dollar price range. It is 10% smaller than normal transmitters which makes it unique, and features an excellent user interface via its color touchscreen. Despite all that, just 4 AA batteries will get you through 1-2 days of flying.

Full review with pretty pictures here:
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Re: Devention Devo6 Review

Postby yellowbird911 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:54 pm

Great review on the Devo6. I have purchased a Devo12 and have been trying to get an opinion on how robust the 2.4 system is. Below is a link to the FCC certification report. From my untrained eye it looks like the same DSSS system. Maybe you can read further into it and explain. I have also started a thread on the Devo12 so you may wish to respond there. Thanks for your time.
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