The mystery of Hobbyking's 'Servo Mounts'

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The mystery of Hobbyking's 'Servo Mounts'

Postby philbx1 » Thu May 10, 2012 10:36 am

Hi all,

I guess like people who take up fishing, I've just started getting some 'bits' collected for RC
and amongst these are something that I thought were items I may need but still don't know WTF they do.

I refer to 'Exhibit A'

Just broke one of these apart and play with for a while, and it appears that maybe the description should be something like
'Safety 90 deg. Servo Mount' but I may be wrong.
One of the kind posters at HK described the setup as "Glue and/or screw the square part.
The other parts are 2 sets off 2 pieces. Look for the difference (smal and bigger pin)! At your servo, (where you normaly place the screw) place the right pin, otherside to. Place the servo and 2 parts in the square part en screw(not included) the 2 parts."

Here's what I did (temporarily)...

Attempt at sussing the servo mount.
HK_Servo_Mount01.jpg (54.07 KiB) Viewed 2133 times

Still somewhat a mystery at this time, and the word 'inscrutable' falls to mind again :-)

Any links or ideas guys?
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