Optima 7 problem

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Optima 7 problem

Postby BAIR » Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:36 am

I converted my Eclipse 7 to the 2.4 GHZ band this winter and I bought OPTIMA 7 Receivers to outfit my aircraft.

Due to time constraints I have only been able to fly Three of these aircraft so far this year and I had NO PROBLEMS...until I tried to test the fourth AC!

A month ago I installed the receiver and bound it to the transmitter - aligned all the channels and all functions were working well.

I am getting ready to fly this AC next weekend and... I have nothing but problems. :(

I am missing functions, the split elevator has only one channel working,
The Transmitter indicates that it is not 'bound' to the Rx - the blue light is flashing and there is an audable beep/error code. I recharged the TX and the AC Battery - same fault.
I Switched channels and AC - the problem goes away.
IF I turn off the AC - the Error codes on the TX stop.
I REBOUND the TX and RX - same problems.

I am of the opinion that I have a bad receiver - can you confirm this ? OR recommend another action?

Technical Details;
Batteries - a pair of RX Packs - 4.8VDC, 2000mah, NiMh, activated on 31 August 2011, connected with a BatShare unit.
Elevator and rudder servos (3) - Futaba S3010
Throttle - Hitec HS425BB
Choke - Sanyo NES 507

Wings are NOT attached at this time.

The Audable error code is three beeps and a pause then three beeps.
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Re: Optima 7 problem

Postby BillGriffiths100 » Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:31 am

Try setting up the aircraft as a new model and see if it behaves differently. The memory in the TX may be corrupted.
If it still misbehaves then yes you could have a RX problem.
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