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Re: Buddybox 9x + HK T4a

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:38 am
by Hal9000
Trainer mode on stock software confusing and I actually couldn't get it to work. Er9x trainer mode makes it really easy.

With er9x you map incoming channels to the function (RUD, THR, AIL, ELE), for each incoming signal you can switch Off (ignore), Add or Replace Trainer throws, Percentage throw control, and finally assign to which switch, normally the trainer switch but you could select one of the on off switches if you really wanted to.

Re: Buddybox 9x + HK T4a

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:23 am
by Frazzy
Okay, here's what I'm going to do:

- Make the USB mod
- Flash ER9x
- Solder the s-video to stereo mini-jack
- Report back if this works.

I had to order part's so it can take some time before I report back.

Thanks for the help so far.

Re: Buddybox 9x + HK T4a

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:01 pm
by Hal9000
If you put a location in there maybe someone close with a SmartieParts board who can flash it for you.

My pleasure I'm just glad to share my experience with others.

I've got my buddy box system working with 9x as trainer and DX6i as student. Took me about 30 min to setup and thoroughly test.

Re: Buddybox 9x + HK T4a

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:26 pm
by Frazzy
Okay here's what happened:

- I soldered a cable to the motherboard of the 9x
- flashed er 9x
- I soldered a cable for in between the 2 transmitters
- Plugged everything in.

I can use the 9x as instructor and the hk-4tx as tutor.

Thanks for all the help. The er9x opens a whole new world. I even installed the batterymod without soldering the resistor. It was a simple menu option :P If you have any questions at all i'll be glad to answer them if I can.


Re: [SOLVED] Buddybox 9x + HK T4a

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:14 am
by Hal9000
Hey Frans thats great news. I was sweating a bit over the SVideo plug to to mini stereo in case I got my information wrong.

Good move on the Er9x software. Makes Buddy Boxing so much easier compared to the stock firmware.

Let us know how you and your wife got on.