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Frsky Futaba compatable receivers

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:37 pm
by yellowbird911
Looking at switching over the the Futaba 14SG. Have flown with a Devo 12s for the last 2 years with out a single problem. Just purchased a jet so even though the Devo has worked well I can't say I have a huge amount of confidence in the DSSS system. We also fly in a large hay field so a kero fire would not be welcomed. :D I also fly nothing but electric, from a .60 size up to a 35 percent Yak.
My question is would you trust the Frsky or Orange receivers in a larger plane? In the jet I would just go with the "expensive IMHO" Futabe receivers but in the other stuff I would really like not spend 1000.00+ dollars in new receivers. I could just keep both systems but I really prefer to fly with just one radio.
Lastly have you heard of any Futaba compatable receivers in the works that would provide basic telemetry functions, mainly receiver voltage, back to the Futaba 14SG?
Thanks for any input you can provide.

Re: Frsky Futaba compatable receivers

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:09 am
by cynr100
I've only been in the hobby for 2 years.
I am using a FlySky TH9X with Er9X firmware with FrSky Tx and Rxs. The Tx uses the DJT telemetry module and I have used 4ch, 6ch and 8ch Rx's I have never had any "system or hardware" failures, I did once turn the transmitter off in flight :shock: but managed to reconnect without heart ache.
I have watched other flyers loose planes with more expensive gear and each time this happens at my field it degenerates into a heated debate about why DSMS/DSMX likes to bury itself in the ground and my "cheap" gear doesn't.

FrSky also has the advantage of "once bound always bound" and a very simple fail safe procedure that takes 1 button and 2 seconds.

It's FrSky for me on any price model.

Check this site, should have what you are looking for ... ystem.html