tail set up with turnigy 9x

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tail set up with turnigy 9x

Postby nitti » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:30 pm

Hello and I have another question. I have been able to sort quite a few things out by reading, trial and error. I am trying to set up the gyro and have a question. I have a hk 450 using a gy 48v gyro and a jrds290g servo. In the radio on the gyro sense menu i have;

uprate AVC 55
dwnrate NOR 40

I can change from rate to hh with the gear switch. The problem is the heli still spins to the left when i lift off. it is a slow spin but never the less it spins. I have the tail servo centered, no binding and the limits set. the tail slider is centered and working correctly (right direction). I am stumped for the moment and know i am almost there.

any help appreciated.

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Re: tail set up with turnigy 9x

Postby HansBear » Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:38 am

I too have very much the same issue. I have a HK450 with a HK G401b gyro and a Turnigy DS480 trail servo. My Tx setup is the same as Nitti's and I also get a slight rotation of the nose to the right. Don't think these setting are the gyro gain settings because by increasing the values, I don't get an increase in tail wag (or tail wag speed) as I would have thought.

Help in resolving this would be appreciated.
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