Corona 2.4Ghz DSSS 4 channel receivers

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Corona 2.4Ghz DSSS 4 channel receivers

Postby » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:44 am

The little 4 channel receivers for the Corona DSSS system are great, but they now come in a hard case weighing in at about 7 grams. This is not feather weight and some people may be tempted to remove the casing and heat-shrink the board. I would caution against this as there are surface mounted components on these boards which are rather flimsy - and there is the button which needs protecting...! I damaged one of mine last night trying to secure the board properly inside the casing - it would seem there is a small diode (I think) that sits right on the edge of the board. If the diode is not placed properly, then it can get damaged by the board moving in the tracks inside the casing - which is I what I think has happened with mine. Although there is the cost of posting, since the receiver is still less than 6 months old, I can still return it to Corona for repair - although the cost of postage is going to be almost the same as a replacement.
I guess the moral is to leave it alone, I was however starting to have issues with the receiver turning on, so I suspect the issue was pre-existing.
They also don't like having the battery plugged onto the wrong pins, since all the middle pins are negative earth, if the plug is put in the wrong place, then you are effectively directly shorting the battery. I blew one up by doing just that... I will be installing extension wires with servo plug-sockets on all mine in the future by directly soldering wires to the pins. This avoids any mechanical forces being regularly applied to the board inside the casing by inserting or removing the battery plugs. I use these mainly in my light weight hand-launch gliders hence a switch is additional weight that I don't want...
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