Turnigy 9x 8 channel rx aerial problem

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Re: Turnigy 9x 8 channel rx aerial problem

Postby bloodnock » Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:50 pm

I have also rebuilt the existing aerial with the brass tube now I understand how it now works (thanks to your help) and got exactly the same 150mtrs range, so it has to be that rx. I have just flown an E-powered sailplane using the 3 channel GT2 rx to the extreme limits of visability with no problem, so it must be the original rx at fault. So far I am delighted with the 9X performance.
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Re: Turnigy 9x 8 channel rx aerial problem

Postby RCModelReviews » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:49 pm

You'll notice that most 2.4GHz receivers don't use a sleeved dipole -- they just cut away the braid and allow a measured length of the inner conductor to protrude beyond that braid. This is a quarter-wave antenna.

By rolling the braid back or using a sleeve that goes back over the cable you create a quarter-wave sleeved dipole which (at least in theory) will give you a slightly stronger signal and a more even reception pattern.

The V2 receiver is not particularly sensitive so they're relying on the sleeved dipole to help provide a little more range and, because they're only using one antenna, they're also relying on it to deliver fewer null-spots as the orientation of model and transmitter changes.

If your sleeve has been damaged, you could find some brass tubing, cut it to length and slide it over the cable. Then fold what braid you do have back and solder it carefully to the tubing - thus recreating the sleeved dipole you started out with.

Remember the V2 receiver is only a $9 device and while it's fine for regular sport flying, it is a little more marginal than the equivalent from FrSky, Futaba, or other manufacturers who use a better design in the first place.
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