Chinese DSM2 receivers and JR transmitters

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Chinese DSM2 receivers and JR transmitters

Postby atunguyd » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:14 am

Hi, have you done any tests on the hobyking DSM2 receivers like this one: ... z_Receiver

I know they say that they are spektrum compatible and that JR uses the same DSM2 as Spektrum, so logically one would think that using a new 11x or 12x this receiver should work.

I was just hoping you might already have tried one and can confirm this.

I currently have an older JR XP8103 that has a frsky module in it. I am looking to upgrade to a newer JR transmitter but replacing all the receivers but the genuine JR ones is a bit of a costly affair.

Would you also know if it is possible to put the frsky module in the new JR 2.4Ghz radios?

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Re: Chinese DSM2 receivers and JR transmitters

Postby RCModelReviews » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:42 am

HobbyKing were going to send a sample of the Orange DSM2 receiver for review but never did (no real surprises there).

The Orange receivers are supposed to work with any DSM2 transmitter so they should work with an 11x or 12x radio.

I guess you're located in the USA... or you'd be aware that JR are shifting to their own DMSS system that is (apparently) not DSM2 compatible.

All JR 2.4GHz radios purchased outside of the USA have modules so you can easily change/upgrade to a different RF system if you want to -- it appears to be only the USA where customers are "locked in" to DSM2 if they use JR equipment.

If you're only flying parkfliers then the Orange DSM2 receivers and other DSM2 receivers should be fine however, if you're planning on flying larger models I'd really suggest caution before giving up your FrSky system for DSM2. The DSM2 system is now a very dated design that doesn't offer the same degree of resilience against interference and it will be a step backwards in terms of the safety and reliability of your radio link to switch to DSM2.

If you want to stick with JR you might consider buying a JR 11X or 12X from Japan, where they come with removable RF module. This would allow you to continue using your FrSky module and receivers and, if you decided that you wanted to go to JR's new DMSS system, you could do so with a simple module-swap., just the facts.
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