Corona DSSS problems

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Re: Corona DSSS problems

Postby Marcelair » Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:14 pm

There seems to be two MCU's in a plug-in module and one in a DIY module (DSSS) now, the ID of DIY modules/sets can not be changed for DIY sets only have one MCU.
The plug-in modules have two MCU's and the ID can be altered. So one ID (DIY sets) is fixed, whilst the other (plug in modules) can be changed.

This is the reply I've received on November 22 (2010) let's see;

We take changeable mode in our CT8F&CT8J insert module(including two MCU). When press the button more than 3 seconds ,the ID will change randomly and connecting the clean channel.

We have set fixed ID in CT8F,CT8J,DIY module with single MCU, so you can not change the ID. If you press > 3 seconds ,it can operating seeking and store channel information .The normal channel will not change. Our preliminary decision there must be the repeated code. If fixed ID in DIY module ,we should consider the working station with CR8D.

WE are very sorry that we can not open youtube video in CHina. Can you send me one by email under 10M ?

We are considering a good solutions for all your question. PLs wait several days .

Thanks and best Regards

Corona RC Team

Question; is it possible for any plug-in module to 'overrule' a DIY set ? This is a big thing to know.
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