Turnigy 9X - Prog. mix OFFSET & SNAPROLL

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Turnigy 9X - Prog. mix OFFSET & SNAPROLL

Postby fellow80 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:03 pm

Hi guys.

Radio: Turnigy 9X v2.

Does anybody know if the OFFSET function in the section programmable mixers 1-6
(for ACRO models) is functional at all? Any idea how to use it in practice?

Similar question to function: DIRECTION in SNAPROLL menu,
why there are four options to choose (is it possible to change the “DIRECTION” "in flight"?

As the prog. mixers are probably the most advanced option in the radio,
I think all users will profit reading the answers.

Thank you for your time, reading, answering and explaining ;).
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