Chinese servos

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Chinese servos

Postby surfmount » Wed May 12, 2010 8:47 pm

I have been using the SG 5010 (Tower)non digital, and the digital one the MG 995 for over two years. Have not had any prob-
lems with either one. Very good value is the 5010 for an all around standard servo. The first ones were o.k. but both servos
have been redesigned in the electronics. The 5010 now has a full independent bridge with transisters rated at over 3 amps ea.
quieter than the old version. $4.90 ea. at hobbypartz. I don't see how they do it, but no complaints here. The MG 995 was
not a good servo before as Bruce pointed out. However, this new version has been much improved. Stays quiet at neutral,
good centering, and very strong with metal gears. Both servos are double Balls. I have a lot of time on both with excellent
results. The 995 is about $8.00 and change. I have had lots of problems with Hitec servos, especially the H-225. I used a
5010 for a retract servo, beat the hell out of it, and it is still going in another plane. Anyway, maybe a discussion on servos.
I love this forum, where you can say what you think without the "word patrol" coming down on you.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby RCModelReviews » Wed May 12, 2010 9:38 pm

The Hitec 225 is (IMHO) not a good servo for anything other than very light loads.

They have a very weak gear-train combined with a hi-drain motor and barely adequate amplifier. That results in a servo that is not at all reliable if used in the kind of role you'd expect to use a "mighty mini" servo.

I've used almost all the servos in Hitec's range over the years and the only ones I've never been a fan of are the HS225 and the HS50.

I'll have to get some of the latest versions of the 995 and the 5010 to take a look at.

There have been quite a few 5010s killed at the local club due to excessive vibration and, the units I tested had surprisingly poor resolution (a total of about 30 steps from limit to limit on the early ones).

Time for a bit of a servo summary me thinks!, just the facts.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby siang » Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:03 am

some servos (std/dig all sizes plz :)) update would be great, I've been looking for some as well. I have the std fut 3001/3 (I dont recall) that fail on me twice on my raptor, fortunately am able to land it on both occasion. Now I have the align one on, no problem since even thou all I hear is bad review about them.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby JiB » Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:18 pm

Please make sure you test it with some proper methods. (in short, use a microcontroller to generate the test signal and measure the results). Statements like: 'this servo only has n amount of steps' make me cringe, as most of the time the subjects are analog, so 'steps' are a misnomer.
A controller that exercises the servos with a pseudo random pattern and registers how the servo arm actually moves (with a potmeter) and on that basis determines the performance parameters of the servo, would not be too hard to make. Servos are not that expensive, so objectively testing a lot of different popular/cheap ones would be a very worthwhile service to the community.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby BB-Q » Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:47 pm

Hi- new guy here. :)

I've heard nothing but good about the SG5010 and will be using 5 of them in the 80" Wot 4 I'm currently building. And at £4 each for a 6kg, dual BB servo it'd be rude not to!

With regards to the MG995 do you not mean it's stablemate, the MG996R? I'm informed that this is miles better than the boat anchor MG995. Faster, much more accurate and reliable too.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby RCModelReviews » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:44 pm

Yes, I'm testing the 996 at the moment.

Last time I tested the 5010s they were not particularly accurate -- tending to move in quite large steps when the sticks were moved slowly. I'm retesting them though, because the Chinese do sometimes update stuff., just the facts.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby rcaviator » Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:17 am

I was using some of the HXT 5010 servos from and have heard mostly good reviews from them. However there a been a few reviews lately on HK of them malfunctioning and am reconsidering if i should be using them. I am using them for the ailerons in my 46 sized low wing sports plane. Do you think i am being overcatious or could there be an issue due to moderate vibration placed on these servos by the plane.
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Re: Chinese servos

Postby RobC » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:20 am

TP 5010 - i was using one for testing the FrSky 2 way system two nights ago, and the damn thing went up in smoke! With it free standing on the bench and no load on it, it melted a hole in the botom of the servo case. I couldn't make out what had burned up, there wasn't enough of it left, but it wasn't a bridge power transistor, the cinder that was left was too small.
i've got to say though, the gear train is more substantial than a Futaba 148 but although a close copy, they are not the same sizes.
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