Turnigy 9x Issue

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Turnigy 9x Issue

Postby SimJen » Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:25 pm

I've been using my 9x V2 happily for many months with no issue.
I've noticed though that there is some channel interactions when in 120degree ccpm mixing for a heli.
I've found by looking at the Display function on the TX which shows your channels movements on the display that the throttle channel also moves slighty on full elevator and full aileron (together) inputs, this is obviously seperate from the usual pitch/elev/ail that a ccpm setup usually does.
This can be heard on my heli on low throttle spool up if you give full elev together with full aileron it makes the revs rise slightly.
I haven't found this to be detrimental to flight or really giving any other issues but its obviously a bug in the software somewhere.....
Has anyone else found this?
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