Got my hands on a DX8

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Got my hands on a DX8

Postby RCModelReviews » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:00 am

I got my hands on a Spektrum DX8 for the first time today.

What a disappointment that turned out to be.

I can't believe how "cheap" they feel when compared to other radios in the same category.

The DX8 is very light and feels like a hollow (thin) plastic case -- it does not feel like a $400 radio at all.

By comparison, both the JR11X and the Hitec A9 feel like much more substantial "quality" radios. In fact, even the far cheaper Turnigy 9X feels more expensive.

I can perhaps seen now why Horizon aren't interested in helping with the review process -- if first-impressions are anything to go by, the DX8 starts off very much on the back-foot in the RCModelReviews shootout.

I'm also astonished that they clearly put so much work into the cute animations and sound effects on the LCD when the radio is turned on and off -- but didn't seem to spend quite enough time testing or debugging -- if the number of problems reported to date is any indication.

But... I shall continue with an open mind -- remembering that I'm reviewing and comparing the radios, not the 2.4GHz RF systems they use (which would immediately see the DX8 with it's antiquated DSM2 system at the bottom of the heap).

If there are any DX8 users reading this, please chime in with your experiences and impressions of this radio., just the facts.
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