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Quality 2.4 ghz Radio with fewer channels, lower price

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:35 pm
by elkbugle
RC sailboat racing is growing dramatically in the US. The vast majority of sailboats use only 2 channels, sometimes 3. Therefore paying for 2.4 ghz radios that are designed primarily for airplanes with much higher number of channels, is not getting the best value. I have purchased and used the following systems: Spektrum DX 6i, and DX 5e, Hobby King 4, and an Aero-Sport 5. The DX 6i ($200), with its rate adjustment capability, has been a good radio with only minor failures (2 years use). The DX 5e ($100) has numerous accounts of insufficient rate (and no adjustment) so that a servo stretcher ($20) is the only means to adjust the servos to the full range of motion required. Same is true with the HobbyKing 4 ($28) and this radio is not well supported. My latest radio test is the Aero-Sport 5 ($59) by Airtronics. So far, this is the best value radio for RC sailing that I have seen, yet it is still a 5 channel unit. So considering the needs of the RC sailing crowd - does anyone know of a reliable radio system for a lesser price.

BTW, pistol grip transmitters do not work for RC sailing, we need two-stick configuration. Other important features are TX charge jack, small receiver (no satellite), rachet left stick, one-year warranty, US service station.

This message from Steve at, who imports several of the most popular RC racing sailboats for US distribution.