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Greatplanes Electrifly ES100 servo

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:02 am
by vonrosales
Hi, I recently buy a lot of new es100 servos, but last weekend I went into troubles when one of the servos start jitter (I think thats the word for jumping servo?) and nearly lost my plane on its maiden flight, I was flying a nemesis 52 from world models with a .45 up front, so I think this was not due a excess of work. I buy this servos because, they have good torque and price, but I feel a little worried about this jitter, because when I tested all others servos one or two of the batch also gave me the same problem, and this happens only when I conected two or tree of this servos but doesnt seam to affect another servos from hitec and JR.
I have a JR radio 72mhz Tx/Rx with hidrymax 4.8v (1600mah) batteries (brand new and well charged), and all other tests on the servos, besides the ones instaled in the plane, were done at my workshop and those are new servos.
Can you help me?