Hitec Eclipse 7 Elevon differential

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Hitec Eclipse 7 Elevon differential

Postby Roger » Wed May 19, 2010 12:16 am

I figured out how to do Elevons with differential (for flying wings!) on a Hitec eclipse 7, however you need a 6 or 8 channel receiver to make it work.
What you do (for anyone who is interested, as this might apply to other transmitters too) is forget the elevon mixing function that is built in. Plug the servos in to channel 1 & channel 5. Set the transmitter to Glider mode and set the aileron differential so that you have less up travel than down (this can be set individually for either aileron). Now, add a programmable mix to mix in channel 2 with channel 1 or channel 5 (I used 5, but either one will do) and set the percentage throws up and down correspondingly to get more down than up which is required on the Zipper (or other flying wings...)
Why do negative elevon differential on a flying wing? Typically the elevons or trailing edge of a flying wing are set slightly reflexed for level flight. Hence adding in normal aileron movement will naturally mean that the ailerons will move up and down from this reflexed position - therefore there will be less down movement of the aileron relative to the wing centreline. Adding negative differential (more down movement than up on aileron function) will produce more axial rolls for a flying wing. That is my understanding anyway...
Of course if you have an old dynosaur transmitter like the Futaba FF7 that I picked up cheap off trademe a little while ago - you can set elevon differential in the elevon mix with ease! oh well....! :?

When you create the programmable mix, the digital trim adjustment DOES NOT COME THROUGH for the ELEVATOR. I have overcome this by creating a second programmable mix with the LH trim pot (Flaps channel 6) and dialing down the amount of movement to about 10% either way. Also Note, you must have the CHANNEL 7 Switch on, in order for the "mixing" to work - SO CHECK BEFORE YOU FLY otherwise you won't have any elevator movement!
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