dx 7 ar 7100 issue

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dx 7 ar 7100 issue

Postby concho » Sun May 01, 2011 1:00 am

thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

i have a dx7 and when i first started to use it 3 years ago i had no problem for the first 30 flight with a ar 6100 receiver on a t rex 450 and with a ar 7100
then after a successful flight with my t rex i put a fresh battery in it and power my transmitter(with stock 1500 mah batteries) then plug the battery to the bec esc the light on the receiver was off
i tried to reboot the system several time with no luck

i went home and try to bind it but it didn't want to bind
i call my hobby shop owner and he told me to bring my complete system to his store
he ask me to to show him the way i was powering the system on

the receiver didn't light he tried to bind the system with no luck
so he send the receiver to horizon hobbies
horizon send it back and stated that the receiver was in good condition
we tried to rebind it same problem

he told me that he had 3 dx7 went in fail safe the same week
cost each one of them t rex 700 heli
(carbon fiber frame)

i am not an expert in electronic but i started to point the transmitter as the faulty suspect
the owner didn't buy my theory he was convinced that the receiver was bad
i asked him to opened a brand new factory dx7 box and bind the receiver with it
he replied that he can not opened a new box use the transmitter and sell it back to a customer
then i told him that i lost confidence in the dx7 and i don't want to use it anymore(my ar 7100 had an issue both lights where fading ant the satellite started blinking as soon as i move it)

so he call horizon and horizon give him the green light to opened a new box and tried to bind the receiver(ar 6100)
with the new transmitter bingo it bind the first time
so he tried about 30 cycle with it wit out problem

so i flew my trex 450 with the ar 6100
and a taylorcraft 450 from e flite with the 7100
for about 150 flight then suddenly while i was doing a set up on a 600 nitro the ar 7100 started blinking and went in to fail safe both lights was off
oddly the 6100 bind and link every time and the lights on the 7100 started fading after every bind i tried

i sent the 7100 to horizon they shipped back to me with the mention repaired
i bind it both light was solid i wiggle the satellite over the main receiver solid

then after 4 cycle it started the same old song and dance
but the 6100 was perfect
then i tried to bind it with a 3 cell 2500mah lipo
it bind with out problem i did 50 cycle test rock solid

i have a theory(i am not an expert) that maybe the receiver memory is erase when the output signal is week(i did cycle the 1500 nimh 9.6 volt to 1.1v per cell the charger put 1630 mah back in them) or some electronic hardware .over heat due to an engineer mistake or its just like playing in a slot machine
i still use the dx7 with the ar 6100 in very cheap and small foamy i did about 20 flight with out problems
for my other expensive models i have a brand new aurora 9
lets see it in a positive way
spectrum gave me the chance to discover the hitec aurora

thanks in advance for your reply
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