Gimbal Jam! - Mandatory 6ch FlySky T6 Mk2 Check -

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Gimbal Jam! - Mandatory 6ch FlySky T6 Mk2 Check -

Postby Rusty » Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:08 pm

This is a potentially disastrous fault with the T6 gimbal design!

Having finally successfully got the software working in on my new T6, I was calibrating it for the Sim when the elevator stick made a click and I had no up elevator! Given the light plasticy construction of the set I didn't want to apply much pressure to it so got out the screw driver and stripped it down.

Didn't take long to see that the fault lies in the rocker tensioning the stick to neutral. The far edge of it is clicking unto a small protruding lip on a semicircular rail on the elevator gimbal. Basically the rocker is too short by a millimetre to push on this ridge. Was not happening before or on any other control but pretty soon locks in there and takes some force to unstick it. Best case scenario is you get an annoying bump each time the stick is moved into the down quadrant.

Pulled the other rocker out and yes, it is quite a different molding, fatter and longer with '1' engraved on it. Have not removed the third rocker to see its size yet.
Either glue an extension to it or make it shorter and it may be ok.

In searching for a similar reported problem I came up with the attached photo of a (older) T6 gimbal which is totally different to mine - looks more substantial.

So bottom line is check yours if it is a recent MkII before flying!

I shall be only using mine for the sim, yacht and perhaps home made simple sloper! It's false economy and just not merchantable quality...
Faulty design new Gimbal
DSCN3528.JPG (47.9 KiB) Viewed 1658 times
Top working rocker. Bottom faulty, showing burr on locking edge.
DSCN3527.JPG (51.21 KiB) Viewed 1658 times
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