Question! 72mhz or 2.4 for fpv?

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Question! 72mhz or 2.4 for fpv?

Postby lithoushine » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:19 pm

I have been trying to get this setup working. 1500mw 900mhz system for my fpv camera and it works great but i'm using a Dx6i/ar6100e for my rc link and i keep losing signal. theres no glitching just a random lock out. it seems to happen when i'm about .25miles out. i tried to separate them but the most i could get was about a foot apart. i know that this powerful system is going to swamp my 2.4 stuff and i really dont know what to do? i was thinking about getting a AR6200 with the satellite receiver but i was also considering swapping over to 72mhz but i dont know enough to do anything yet. any ideas or information would be great .Thanks
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