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newby thinking of getting turnigy 9x

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 2:33 pm
by chopper mick
hi there new to flying rc and now have 450 and 500 heli. reading different forums trying to find out about the 9x and the range/distance of this compared to the frsky module some say tx9 no more than 100mtr others say frsky over 1km even to 2km anyone give clear advice on these two items thanks.

Re: newby thinking of getting turnigy 9x

PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 9:36 am
by pwy
Hi Mick,

Both have a lot more range than you will ever need with a heli. Frsky goes around 1.5km and 9x 1km. The QC on 9x is sort of non existent so every one and then you will get a receiver which only goes 100m or less but they are faulty pieces best thrown away.

With both you are responsible for quality control (much more with 9x than frsky) but range is not a concern with both systems, even less with small helis.