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TX and RX with full telemetry

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:49 am
by jomac
Hi Guys,
Forgive me for posting this question if it has been posted elswhere.

Is there a TX/RX combo that has full universal telemetry and not just restricted to their own add ons? Im looking for a control system (TX/RX) where i can control a UAV and all its functions via telemetry and not via the 'X' number of channels for servo's that a system can offer.

My project is pretty complex and for starters i need to control 14+ servos and at the same time transmit data back to base. Are any of the current systems for example capable of transmitting RS232 both ways? or will i end up having to build a custom system using off the shelf modules?

Could any of the TX/RX modules be hacked to accept RS232? Each end would have to have a separate micro (PIC) to do the work.

I am open to suggestions and im pretty well clued up with electronics and telemetry.

Could someone throw in a few ideas or suggestions

Many thanks, John

Re: TX and RX with full telemetry

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:22 am
by tgdavies
I have not used them myself, but I think that OpenLRS or the 3dr radio telemetry kit would do what you want -- I think the former is 433MHz, the latter available as 433 or 900. Hobby King sells, both, the 3dr as ... 15Mhz.html

Re: TX and RX with full telemetry

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:08 pm
by jomac
Thanks for the posting TG, I did spot this item a couple of days ago, downloaded the info but havent had chance to really read it yet.

This is exactly the sort of unit i considered because every radio system ive looked at doesnt have full RS232 style telemetry which i need.

However im very suspicious of Hobbykings advert for a few reasons. I had found a Chinese website selling these units in the far east. What i had learned unless things have changed, was the 432Mhz unit like in the Hobbykings advert wasnt readily available, and the price was nearer the $70 mark and not the $30 Hobbyking are advertising it for. In addition the 900Mhz unit is supplied with a stand alone air unit and the ground unit is USB BUT the 432Mhz unit is supplied with two similar units, both of which are RS232 and neither are USB. So according to the Chinese websites i visited, what Hobbyking are advertising in the picture is the 900Mhz unit but described as 432Mhz.

Things may have changed, but these points leave me a little confused, and to be honest, lugging a laptop around to control an aircraft, difficult on a sunny day, doesnt really excite me much!