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Re: Telemetry - stand alone

Postby JimmyJ » Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:51 pm

xenothius wrote:yep, 400ft is not very high even more risk with larger models and gliders and models doing giant "U" passes for speed
the idea behind having real time (or logged) speed is tuning propellers (bruce, you have seen my plane and the prop on it)
but if you raced (example pylon) then speed readout would be very handy for tuning
of course range is an issue owing to the fact of trying to minimize extra drag and weight on the model (the chipsets are small all run of 2aa but the aerial's are problematic, currently looking into pcb antenna's to reduce drag)

for the record i dont think there is an "other" side i just think radio gear comes down to price and personal preference i fly futaba because i always have
i would love a full range telemetry system inbuilt, but im still working on my own standalone system just a case of $$$ at the moment (and finding transceiver chip sets i can easily mount on a board)

Totally agree regarding the "other" side and feel it does come down to preference. My first radio back in 70' was an O.S. Cougar 12 volt (transmitter power) system with 4 channels on the old CB radio frequency. The case was aluminum covered with (hideous) dark colored wood grain vinyl. Somebody from my home country of Scotland posted he still has his for sentimental reasons. The synthetic voice idea Bruce is working on here overcomes my main objection to telemetry which is taking your eyes off your aircraft to read the LCD (stand alone or system integrated). I look forward to listening to the information, like listening to ATC. One of the things I noticed a bit late (no hard felt consequences tho) was that Futaba and JR's graphical display of exponential curves is opposite. On my JR system I Initially I thought I was setting the exponential just fine, but soon realized things were a bit too sensitive and eventually "fingered" it all out. Futaba's seems to make more sense to me.
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Re: Telemetry - stand alone

Postby RCModelReviews » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:52 pm

JimmyJ wrote:My first radio back in 70' was an O.S. Cougar 12 volt (transmitter power) system with 4 channels on the old CB radio frequency.

I still have one of those!, just the facts.
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