which voltage senseor to use with D4RII and what cable?

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which voltage senseor to use with D4RII and what cable?

Postby Szilard » Mon May 26, 2014 7:42 pm

Hi guys,

I built a HK X230 quad put a kk2 on it and I'm using a D4RII receiver. It flies ok, it's my first and only quad so I have no comparison. I get so carried away with my flights that they always end with a crash because my batteries become flat :lol:
I have the FVBS01 and the FLVS01 voltage sensors but none of these have a connector that goes into the D4RIIs data port.
How should I fix this problem?

I was playing with cables I got with the telemetry hub and I found the cable I was looking for! It's a short, odd looking cable with colored wires and a tiny connector on one end and the other connects to the telemetry hub. Now I'm a little cross because I don't remember a checklist/guide mentioning that cable, like "look at this cable it connects to the D4r receivers, if you have the D6 D8 receivers use the other cable that has servo connectors on it!"

Now I have full telemetry on my quad all I have to do is figure out how to fasten all these up in a tidy fashion. Now I'm afraid I won't have room for the camera and video TX :roll:
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