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Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:26 am
by ProLine
OK, I just got a Frsky 2way module and RX for my JR PCM10 I've had since the late 80's. I wanted to try the Frsky telemetry out. I was able to figure out that I needed both switches on the TX module set to off/down to get the system to bind. I also understand that they want to be both on/up for firmware updates. I’m not sure if the other switch combinations are needed? My module came with #1 switch off and 2 on? Please comment on this.
I was also able to get the RX (v2) to report back voltage on both An ports OK. I’m using a Flytron Dashboard display and it looks and works great. I was able to set the failsafe also.
Here’s where I got really confused as far as what to do with the CD files and serial cable? I’m running XP on a net book with a serial to USB adapter that works for all my serial devices to date. I read the read me for the 2way system and there is no mention of how to use the serial cable. I plugged it into TX module observing the pinouts, ran the rsky_update_rev11.exe file and was given a choice of com ports. Ever port I selected say’s ‘no connection”. I selected the port 4 that windows said the adapter is using but still nothing? The TX was on! So here’s where I need more help. How do I use the program, is it the right one? I do see an alarm list and if I could change setting, what do the numbers mean, voltage ot what? There seems to be 2 settings per alarm, what does that do?
Next is how do I see what firmware version I have? Is this something that will be displayed if I successfully get the port number right and connect? Do I have to set the dip switches both up? If so can I mess up the current firmware? How do I update the firmware with all this found knowledge? Assuming I get that far.
Next is the receiver. Can I read and/or update the firmware and make any other changes via rs232? If so do I need another cable as the one supplied won’t fit.?
I honestly tried to read up on all this on the frsky site as well as the read me files on the CD but I got more confused. I’m hoping that those that have more experience with the Frsky system and the programming/settings could get me up to speed. I’ve not contacted Frsky with this request as what I saw posted on their site confused me. I thought the forum may be able to explain it in terms I could understand. I need a “dummy’s guide” it would seem.
Thank you for and help you can give me. I’ll keep searching for more information and keep trying in the meantime

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:18 am
by ProLine
What I’ve learned since I posted my request for programming/updating my Frsky 2way system. I was able to run the FDD light program on the CD and after selecting the right com port and enter, and was able to connect to the TX module through the RS232 port. I was able to change the settings and get the alarm to beep at slow to fast intervals. I think the Ch1 settings, greater than or less than refer to the RX battery voltage? I’m confused on what the setting should look like for a 4cell 5 volt pack if that what it’s measuring. If Ch1 and AN1 are the same then Ch2/AN2 is the second voltage port and if that’s true, what would the values be for let’s say a 3 cell Lipo or a cutoff at 9.5 volts?
I still need to find a way to tell what version firmware the TX module and RX are running. If I set both TX dip switches up and run the firmware update program on the CD will the current version be displayed? I don’t want to mess it up by doing it without knowing what to expect. What version is the latest I should have? Same question about the 2 receivers I have, one in the TX Module box, and another I ordered. The have a small v2 on both of them. I’m still searching for any discussions on what cable I need to upgrade the RX? Can I just make a simple adapter to convert the serial cable pins to a smaller version that fits the RS232 connector on the RX side, or is that not how you update it?
Thanks again anyone that can fill in the blanks enough to keep me from destroying everything. So far so good as it’s still working!
ProLine :lol:

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:40 pm
by A10FLYR
You might try asking here as well. Seems to be some helpful folks on this thread.

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:53 pm
by ProLine
Thanks Dean, yes good info and I'll post a request there.
I'm still confused with the CH1 and CH2 settings in the FDD software. I think CH1 is AD1 and CH2 is AD2 but I don't get the action I'm expecting when I change tese values yet? I still don't understand how one updates the RX firmware with the cable provided as it is to large to plug into the RX side plugs if that's how it's done? I feel I'm missing a cable/adapter or my thinking is wrong and needs some help to get it right? I had hoped that more frsky users posting here had worked this all out as the manual is unclear in those areas, as least for my thinking. I'll report any findings I get that i think is of use.
I mention this here in hopes that someone with answer will still join in and fill in the blanks.

frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:34 pm
by ProLine
OK, I found the RX ifo that clears up that question here. It's not easy to do and I don't have the cable, yet! off to Ebay.


Now it makes sense!
Eva did send me a reply about Rom A or Rom B but I'm not sure what does what? is A for the TX and B for the RX, or are they two versions for the TX module. I wish Bruce would do the promised step by step video wiyh all the firmwares and alarm settings explained! It's been a while since he posted that statment and it would be of great service i'm sure. Get that camera rolling Bruce, please!

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:12 am
by RobC
RomA and RomB are both for the Tx module, RomA has the failsafe setting done by pressing the bind button on the Rx, RomB by pressing the bind button on the Tx.
On older receivers the Rx upload requires that the case is split to access the 4 pads that the upgrade lite plugs in to. It really is a quick process though, once you've peeled the label off the receiver!
As for setting the alarms, yes CH1 is AD1, Ch2 AD2, and each has three alarm levels, Al1, Al2 and Al3. Select the Al'n' that you want to set, set the value for the alarm (values 0-254 equal 0-3.3v at the AD1/2 pins), select whether the alarm should sound if the signal goes above or below the selected value (> or <) then press 'Set' to load the new alarm setting into the Tx. The three levels give different beep rates. I've got mine set to give warnings at 4.8v, 4.5v and 4.2v (ie, time to think about landing, land now! and this model is will need to be retrieved with a spade!)
I've not seen a way of checking which ROM version is currently loaded, at least not using the FDD Lite software. It must be possible to read the ROM back to the PC, but I really can't see the need or even any use vor the knowledge. I just load the ROM I want to use.

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:10 am
by ProLine
Thank you so much for your reply. You've cleared up so much. What version rom do you use A or B? From the action of my system I must be running rom b because I set the failsafe at the rx. Is there any other advantage in the rom versions that you know of?
About the alarm settings,
I now understand that the FDD pgm settings are not a direct voltage value, but a digital value representing 0 to 3.3v. I'm using the Flytron "dashboard" that is a 1/11 devider for 0 to 36 volts. I'm using their resistor board at the rx that does the decision. I guess I'll have to use my variable ps to find a value at the rc that corresponds with the FDD alarm values? If I may ask, what FDD values do you use for you 4.xx alarm you mentioned I'm your reply?

As an update to my first flight today with my pcm10, frsky, and Flytron dashboard and devider setup.
It all went great! I put everything in an easystar. I could read the bec and lipo voltage in flight as well as the RSSI level. The range was no issue and the failsafe worked great when I turned the tx off. The recovery time when the tx was turned back on was 2 sec or less! I had everyone at the field wanting to know what I was using! They were all impressed. I can't wait for the new frsky Hub and sensors to go on sale.
OK, rom a or b will be the next thing to decide?

From my iPod
I'm off to the"lab" tofind a setting for the alarms in FDD.

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:01 pm
by RobC
Glad to be of help. "RomA has the failsafe setting done by pressing the bind button on the Rx, " I use ROMA so I set the failsafe by pushing the Rx button for a second. I believe this is the default ROM that is loaded in new units. The other option allows you to trim the model in flight then press the transmitter module button to set the failsafe from the ground. A variable power supply is a good way of setting the alarm levels, but I have several models using 2-way receivers, some in electric 2 and 3 cell LiPo powered models, one with 4 cell LiFe and a few with 4.8v NiMH each requiring different battery monitor parameters so I knocked up a spreadsheet to find a compromise alarm and resistor settings. Remember that alarm settings need never be precise as your battery voltage will vary a fair bit whenever you move one or more servos. Ideally you would want some hardware or software smoothing to feed an average value over, say, 3 or 4 seconds to the receiver. You only really need be worried about the voltage trend in normal flying, though absolute minimum may be interesting if your battery is heavily loaded. Mine aren't as I just fly medium size sport models at moderate speeds.
Saying that, I've just written off two receiver packs as they were constantly dropping into the alarm zone when moving two or three servos together. When I plugged an LED battery monitor in it confirmed that two standard servos were enough to bring up the warning lights, so telemetry does work!
I've attached the spreadsheet I use, but I'm only working with audible outputs.
At least I tried attaching a spreadsheet, .XLS not allowed!
oh well, cut and paste, gives you an idea:

Type No Max Nominal Min Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 V bridge AD1 in AL1 AL2 AL3 R1 R2 Total AD1 mA

LiFe 4 3.3 13.2 8 10.39 9.87 9.35 0.25 3.3 200 190 180 5 15 20 0.66
LiPo 2 3.7 8.4 6 6.61 6.28 5.95 0.3928 3.3 200 190 180 7.8 12.1 20 0.42
LiPo 3 3.7 12.5 9 9.84 9.35 8.8 0.264 3.3 200 190 180 5.2 14.7 20 0.625
LiPo 4 3.7 17 12 13.38 12.71 12.04 0.1941 3.3 200 190 180 3.8 16.1 20 0.85
LiPo 5 3.7 21 15 16.53 15.70 14.88 0.15714 3.3 200 190 180 4.7 25.2 30 0.7
NiMh 4 1.25 6 4 4.724 4.48 4.25 0.55 3.3 200 190 180 5.5 4.5 10 0.6

Right, it's lost the calculated cell, the formattings and only shows the values, but it gives an idea of my setup.
I give up, formatting looks good in the edit panel but goes to shite when submitted!
Bruce, anyone, how do you embed a spreadsheet?

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:05 am
by ProLine
I'm learning so much! Ok more questions.
RSSI question. I've put over 2 hours on my Frsky setup in my JR PCM10 and an Easystar. I also have the Flyton Frsky readout to monitor voltage and RSSI, RX signal I think it's called. I notice that there is a .18 volt difference in the An2 reading, the Flytron is lower. I’m using their divider circuit board. Also the rate of change is not linear. No big issue, I'm just trying to get a feel for the accuracy I can expect.
I do have a question about the reported signal strength.
I notice that even when the plane is 5 meters away or less, I still read 60% for signal strength? When I fly it’s around 57% or less, sometimes 20%. Never higher than 60% at best. I flew to what I think was 1800 Ft, 600 meters, and got a single beep from the Frsky module, the Flytron reported about 18%. I didn’t loose control as far as I could tell. My other questions are,
What range should I expect? What RSSI range should I see, 0 to 100%? What RSSI value means loss of control, something higher then 0? When should I see a RSSI value of 100% as I never do? I have a second RX that I’ll put` into service and try this all again to see if that acts the same. I only have the one tx module so I cant tell if that could be causing the low reading? Maybe it’s just the way the Flytron display reads and displays the value and shows it low? I’ll ask Flytron this question and post the answer.
Thank you everyone that’s been posting answers to my questions in my attempt to get a better understanding of what I can expect form the Frsky system. I know many of you have much more experience with all this and have been flying successfully for some time. Add the Flytron and there is another variable to deal with.
I look forward to any and all information you can give me.

Re: Frsky 2way TX and RX setup hlep

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:55 pm
by A10FLYR
Good questions. The first time used the Flytron dashboard I thought something must be wrong!! RSSI fluctuated as much as 60% just moving around the shop! I have never lost control of the model and have heard only a few beeps from radio so I'm sure everything is ok but still.....