Graphical designer for Open Source FrSky Android Dashboard

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Graphical designer for Open Source FrSky Android Dashboard

Postby takilara » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:30 pm

I am making an Android App that allows a phone to communicate with the FrSky telemetry enabled Rx's and Tx's over Bluetooth.

I wonder if anyone artistically enabled would be interested in creating two icons for this app:
1. Main Icon to go on home screens: Desired content: Transmitter + phone
2. Notification Icon to show app is running: Desired content: Open, but could be simplified version of 1.

There would be no money involved, however eternal gratitude, and name on credits/thanks page.

Project page:

Current features implemented:
- Ability to program the FrSky internal alarms from your Android phone
- Ability to see AD1, AD2 with your desired units on your phone. (units and conversion factor are configured by user)
- Ability to read the contents of the AD1 and AD2 channels to you in voice while flying
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