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Position-correcting router

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:06 pm
by mikem
Here's a nifty bit of technology for free-hand cutting 2D parts from sheet stock... if you guide a modified power tool, such as a router, within a quarter-inch of the desired cut line, an on-board controller jogs the tool mount to improve the precision of cut: ... tingtools/

YT video at: ... UmL7xZZSUk

Might be an interesting hack using Arduino or Raspberry-Pi, a couple of steppers or tough servos, and line-follower optics/software.

I can see such a system following a printed pattern attached to the stock, but it would be way cooler just to project pattern segments onto the stock from on-board memory somehow, i.e., to give the operator a light-line to follow.

Here's the original NYT article: ... emityn.www